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Victoria Pastors Association

To have an effective ministry in Honduras it is essential that Mercy & Grace Ministries partner with local Honduran Pastors to help us with reaching the lost. They are a vital part of serving those in need and helping us to be aware of new villages that need to be reached. They are the spiritual leaders in their respective churches and towns and we request that you, along with us, pray for them as you would your own pastors and church leaders. Pray for strength, determination, encouragement and boldness to spread the Gospel of Christ regardless of the difficulties to do so. On behalf of these servants, we thank you for your prayers.

Benigno Palma

Iglesia Eben Exer
La Laguna de Carcamo

Ozmand Castro

Iglesia Restauracion en Cristo
El Zapote

Celio Castro

Iglesia Restauracion en Cristo
El Zapote

Carlos Cruz

Iglesia Taller del Maestro

Idalgo Cruz

Iglesia Salem
Las Vegas

Jibsam Gutierrez

Iglesia Salem
Alta Mira

Omar Garcia

Iglesia Restauracion en Cristo
El Membrillal

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